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The Emperor’s New Styling

I’m sure you’ll all agree how outstanding it is.

Google Earth has a Flight Simulator!

Tools > Enter Flight Simulator…

Whatever. If I could land, steal a car and build my way up to gang kingpin I would really be happy.

Regular Expression Smiley

^(.+) - (.+)$

Punishable by Windows!

Torrent admin forced to use Windows

Now if you don’t mind I’ve got to get back to eating dirt

Plain soap as effective as antibacterial but without the risk

Account Alert (Verify Your Account Details)

1146142783 688e91ff2c o

Warning code eh? Must be legit.


Very clever but entirely wrong, surely this is can’t be real? iClone

Minesweeper: The Movie

An error message says a lot

On accessing t-mobile t-zones:

Failure of server APACHE bridge:

No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds.

Build date/time: Oct 8 2004 11:49:11

Change Number: 443463

2 Years

Even 2 years seems a little excessive.